Fabiolla Loureiro

Ménage à Trois: Paris, São Paulo & Budapeste



Influenced not only by photography in Brazil, but also by a range of American and European predominance (Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Brassai, Steve McCurry), to the period before World War II and street photography, Fabiolla quickly established her singular style. Shooting spontaneously through the streets of many countries, having as a theme the madness and chaos of urban life, she built up her own photographic language since 2010. Less than a decade after the start of her career, she had the challenge of her first exhibition, Ménage à Trois: Paris, São Paulo & Budapeste. The choice of these three cities came due to the fact that they’re part of Fabiolla’s life in different ways and each with its own individuality. The mix of the three is a reflection of herself. São Paulo, the city where she lives, the chaos of each day, the ups and downs. Paris, a city that she tries to include in her itinerary every time she goes to Europe. The city that brings her memories of a time she didn’t live, and brings back the golden age of human history, the 30’s. Budapest, the queen of the Danube, a city that astonished her. The past and the future together in a mix of emotions translated in personalized images. This exhibition means to show you what she felt and tell you through her lens, the passion she feels..

 Beginning: 07/26/16

Ending: 08/06/16



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